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Please see the list of files ready to be downloaded, below:

You will find there particularly: bulletins, tax related news, various announcements for our clients’ information etc.  

Bulletin 5/2005 Amendment to Act on Income Tax 

Bulletin 1/2005 Selected accounting issues, Amendment to Value Added Tax, etc. 

Bulletin 11/2004 Financial year issue, Amendment to Act on Income Tax – senate version

Bulletin 9/2004 Amendment to Act on Income Tax, Labour Code changes etc. 

Bulletin as at 1st May 2004 Act on Value Added Tax - summary

Bulletin 1/2004  Important notification for entrepreneurs - individuals, fuel costs for entrepreneurs for the year of 2003, methodological instruction for the applying of low road tax rate with the vehicles that meet the EURO 3 standard, the VAT issue after our entry to the EU,  changes in the VAT rates  

Bulletin 8/2003  Tax related issues, changes in the accountancy  

Bulletin 4/2003  Changes in double entry bookkeeping from the 1st Jan 2003, amendment to the legal regulations, other information and announcements  

Our Clients’ Announcement Jan 20, 2003

Our Clients’ Announcement January 5, 2003 

Bulletin 11/2002  Export of goods and the VAT, deferred tax, accounting entry, documentary requirements, conclusive evidence issue, deposit bills of exchange, changes in the Act on Accountancy, Act on Income Tax, Act on Value Added Tax 

Bulletin 9/2002 Further information on the Act on Packaging, the amendments to legal regulations, amendments to the Act on the VAT 

Bulletin 7/2002 Amendments to the Act on Accountancy, internal regulations, amendments to legal regulations  

Chart of Accounts and Accounting Procedures for Businessmen 

Bulletin 11/2001 Amendment to  the Act on Accountancy, the introduction of EURO, the procedures of accountancy of organisations. 

Bulletin 5/2001  Amendment to the Act on Income Tax, changes in some legal regulations  

Bulletin 11/2000 Amendments to legal regulations 

Statutory duties regarding the publicising of the financial statements of the year of 2000 

Amendments 2000 

Tax deduction


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